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Road Review Committee to Consider Vacation of Monticello Road

posted May 11, 2015, 1:49 PM by Michael A. Hawkes
The Socorro County Road Review Committee will meet on Tuesday, May 19th to consider vacation of Monticello Road. The committee will meet at the Socorro County Road Department at 9:00 AM, travel to the site for inspection then reconvene in the afternoon for consideration.

Please note: Owners whose property abuts on or adjoin a closed section of a road ordinarily may comment on closing or vacation of such road, provided he still has reasonable access to the general street or road system. Someone whose property does not abut or adjoin the road can normally only have a right to object to the road closure if the damage he suffers is substantially different in kind, and not merely in degree, from that suffered by the public in general. Id. A mere inconvenience from a proposed closure is not enough to warrant leaving a road open.