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Kim Berlat's 6th, 7th and 8th grade students at Cottonwood Valley Charter School wrote short narratives, Socorro Reflections, about a place in Socorro County that holds a special memory for them. The narratives are designed for visitors and show the variety of places and experiences that can be found in Socorro County.

Dear Visitor,

I would like to take this opportunity to extend a warm thank you and welcome to visitors and guests of Socorro County. On behalf of all of us who live and work here, I thank you for your interest in our beautiful and peaceful home.

In addition to our clear skies, Socorro County is home to several wonderful attractions for the outdoorsman. Our County features two world-renowned wildlife refuges, the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge and Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge where visitors can learn more about our area’s habitat and wildlife. We also have excellent rock climbing opportunities in our many canyons and hiking opportunities in the Magdalena Mountains. We hope you will have time to visit Escondida Lake, our popular fishing hole with a park for children and RV sites for longer visits.

The National Radio Astronomy Observatory’s Very Large Array is also open to visitors interested in learning more about astronomy and exploration of our stars. Our open skies are also idea for observing by amateur astronomers.

For the historical enthusiast we invite you to visit the El Camino Real International Heritage Center, historical Fort Craig and the ruins at Gran Quivira and Abo in the Salinas National Monument. We invite you to get to know the many features and different faces of Socorro County. I hope you enjoy your visit as much as we enjoy sharing our home with you.


Martha Salas, Chair

Board of County Commissioners

Eusebio Saiz/Polvadera Park

Isidro Baca Veteran's Park

Sabinal/Abeytas Community Center

San Antonio Park