DWI & Community Alternatives Program

The Socorro County Community Alternatives Program & DWI Misdeameanor Compliance Office is headed by Coordinator Theresa Rosales. The Program's mission is to view the DWI problem in Socorro County with eyes wide open as opposed to through a microscope will improve collaborations, programming and outcomes. The Socorro County DWI Program is established for the purpose of preparing comprehensive community DWI prevention and treatment plans for Socorro County. These plans shall address problems and issues related to:
  • Educations programs in schools and work places
  • Public information activities aimed at the driving public
  • DWI enforcement activities
  • Other activities and programs aimed at reducing DWI related problems. 

 Department Resources

No one person is perfect, nor is any family.  Providing the information and support for all convicted and youth experimenting with abusive substances will bring education, build self esteem and create an opportunity for children and adult alike to break the norm and take responsibility for their choices.  If they choose to drink alcohol, then they must choose to not drive.  If they choose to drink alcohol, then they must choose not to create a domestic violence situation.  If they choose to drink alcohol, then they will know the physical/health affects that will take its toll. If they choose to drink alcohol and drive, then they will know that they can kill or be killed; be convicted, license suspended or revoked, incarcerated, have a record and possibly have their car taken and sold by the County. 
The bottom line is that the SCDWI will provide programming addressing the full circle evolving around DWI and the County of Socorro residents will know the consequences of DWI. 


The Socorro County DWI Program has become active in collaborating with area agencies in providing information and referral to organizations and the general public, as well as encouraging involvement, developing and engaging a viable and active DWI Council. The SCDWI program  has partnered with organizations throughout the county playing an active role with Socorro County’s Health Council; SCOPE  (Socorro County Options; Prevention and Education), City of Socorro Mayor’s Drug Task Force and the SW Regional Substance Abuse Collaborative (SAC). 


 The DWI department is a grant funded program through the State of New Mexico. Along with collaborating with other organizations throughout Socorro County toward prevention efforts of reducing underage drinking, trying to reduce the number of drunk driving arrests, The DWI office works with cases from the inception of sentencing giving referrals to defendants for court ordered sanctions and works closely with the Socorro County Magistrate Court, Jail, and District Attorney’s office.  The SCDWI Program is responsible for conducting office and phone visits with DWI defendants on a monthly basis, encouraging and motivating defendants to comply with sentencing. The DWI program staff is required to maintain a Community Service Program, & to make random visits to bars and clubs to insure DWI offenders are complying with their court orders.


The Socorro County DWI Program has an active Advisory Council whom has been actively working together towards educating and providing positive programming in Socorro County to combat DWI issues. This board is representative of the County ethnicity and concerned organizations with DWI and alcohol abuse; has continually reviewed and followed the bylaws for the council ratified by the Socorro County Commissioners. The SCDWI Advisory Council meets, once a month conduct.