AAG Association of American Geographers
ACEC Area of Critical Environmental Concern
ACMI Assistant Chief Medical Investigator
ACP Access Control Point
AD anno Domini
AD average daily traffic
ADA Americans with Disabilities Act (1990)
AFB Air Force Base
AG Attorney General
ALERT Automated Local Evaluation in Real Time
ANS Alert and Notification System
ANSI American National Standards Institute
APA American Planning Association
APAS Animal Protective Association of Socorro
APD Application for a Permit to Drill
ARC American Red Cross
ARES Amateur Radio Emergency Service
ASCE American Society of Civil Engineers
B Barrel
BC before Christ
bcf billion cubic feet
BHSD Behavioral Health Services Division (DOH)
BIA Bureau of Indian Affairs
BLM Bureau of Land Management (US)
BMP best management practice
BOP blowout preventer
BOR Bureau of Reclamation
BTW by the way
C Celsius
CAA Clean Air Act (see also FCAA)
CAD Computer Aided Design
CAP Civil Air Patrol
CAT Crisis Action Team
CB Citizens Band
CBDG Community Development Block Grant
CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
CDC Community Development Corporation
CDL Commercial Driver's License
CEO Chief Executive Official
CEP Civil Emergency Preparedness
CEQ Council on Environmental Quality
CERCLA Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act
CF/S Cubic Feet per Second
CFR Code of Federal Regulations
CHEMTREC Chemical Manufacturers Association Chemical Transportation Emergency Center
CID Construction Industries Division
CIP Capital Improvements Plan (or Program)
CISM Critical Incident Stress Management
CMI Chief Medical Investigator
CO carbon monoxide
CO Certificate of Occupancy
CO2 carbon dioxide
COA conditions of approval
CODMI Central Office Deputy Medical Investigator
COG Council of Governments
CPG Civil Preparedness Guide
CRDD Community Residences for the Developmentally Disabled
CRMP Cultural Resource Management Plan
CSEPP Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program
CSU controlled surface use
CUA common use area
CWA Clean Water Act
CYFD Children, Youth & Families Department
DAC Disaster Assistance Center
DAP Disaster Assistance Program
dB decibels
dBA A-weighted sound level
DFA Department of Finance & Administration
DFO Disaster Field Office
DMAT Disaster Medical Assistance Team
DMI Deputy Medical Investigator
DOD Department of Defense
DOE Department of Energy
DOH Department of Health
DOI US Department of the Interior
DOT Department of Transportation
DPS Department of Public Safety
DRC Disaster Recovery Center
DSR Damage Survey Report
DST drill stem test
DU Dwelling Unit
DUA Disaster Unemployment Assistance
DWI Disaster Welfare Information
EAS Emergency Alert System
ECL Emergency Classification Level
ED Environmental Department
EDA Economic Development Administration
EDD Economic Development Division
EHS Extremely Hazardous Substance
EIDL Economic Injury Disaster Loan
EIR Environmental Impact Report
EIS environmental impact statement
EIS Environmental Impact Statement
EMC Emergency Management Center
EMF Electromagnetic Field
EMI Emergency Management Institute
EMNRD Energy, Minerals & Natural Resources Dept.
EMP ElectroMagnetic Pulse
EMS Emergency Medical Services
EMSB Emergency Medical Service Bureau
EMT Emergency Medical Technician
EO Executive Order
EOC Emergency Operations Center
EOCR Emergency Operations Center Representative
EOP Emergency Operations Plan
EPA Environmental Protection Agency
EPCRA Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act
EPG Emergency Planning Guide
EPI Emergency Public Information
EPI Office of Epidemiology (DOH)
EPLO Emergency Preparedness Liaison Officer
EPZ Emergency Planning Zone
ERO Emergency Response Officer
ERT Emergency Response Team
ERT-A Emergency Response Team ñ Advance Element
ERT-N Emergency Response Team - National
ERTL Emergency Response Team Leader (DOH)
ESF Emergency Support Function
EST Emergency Support Team
F Fahrenheit
FA Forensic Anthropologist
FAA Federal Aviation Administration
FAsT Field Assessment Team
FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation
FCAA Federal Clean Air Act
FCC Federal Communications Commission
FCO Federal Coordinating Officer
FDMI Field Deputy Medical Investigator
FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency
FESOP Federally Enforceable State Operating Permit
FGDC Federal Geographic Data Committee
FHA Federal Housing Administration
FHBM Flood Hazard Boundary Map
FHWA Federal Highway Administration
FIA Federal Insurance Administration
FIA Fiscal Impact Analysis (also Federal Insurance Administration)
FIRM Flood Insurance Rate Map
FIS Flood Insurance Study
FLPMA Federal Land Policy and Management Act
FM Facility Mapping
FMHA Farmers Home Administration
FMO Fire Management Officer
FNARS FEMA National Radio System
FNMA Federal National Mortgage Administration (or Fannie Mae)
FO Forensic Odontologist
FOI Freedom of Information
FOIA Freedom of Information Act
FP Forensic Pathologist
FPEIS Final Programmatic Environmental Inpact Statement
FRERP Federal Radiological Emergency Response Plan
FRP Federal Response Plan
ft /day square feet per day
FTA Federal Transit Administration
FWSU.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
GAR Governor‚s Authorized Representative
GCO Grant Coordinating Officer
GIS Geographic Information Systems
GPS Global Positioning System
GSD General Services Department
H S hydrogen sulfide
HAP Hazardous Air Pollutant
HAZMAT Hazardous Material
HAZWOPER Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Release
HMER Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Plan
HMP Habitat Management Plan
hp horsepower
HSD Human Services Department
HUD US Department of Housing and Urban Development
I-25 Interstate 25
IAWI In Accordance With
IC Incident Commander
ICP Incident Commander Post
ICS Incident Command System
IDA Industrial Development Authority
IFG Individual Family Grant
IHICS Integrated Habitat Inventory and Classification System
IMHO In My Humble Opinon
IMO In My Opinion
IP Injury Prevention
IPEMS Injury Prevention & Emergency Med. Serv. Bur.
IRZ Immediate Response Zone
ISD Information Systems Division (New Mexico Tech)
ISO Information Systems Officer
JIC Joint Information Center
JIMC Joint Information Media Center
JIS Joint Information System
JNACC Joint Nuclear Accident Coordinating Center
KAFB Kirtland Air Force Base
KGRA known geothermal resource area
L Liter
LADD Lifetime Average Daily Dose or Lowest Acceptable Daily Dose
LAER Lowest Achievable Emission Rate
LAN Local Area Network
LANL Los Alamos National Lab
lb pound
lb/hr pounds per hour
LD Lethal Dose
LD Light Duty
LD50 Median Lethal Dose (i.e., dosage of a toxic substance which kills 50% of the test animals)
LDD Light Duty Diesel
Ldn Day-night noise level
LDPE Low Density Polyethylene
LDT Lowest Dose Tested
LEA Local Enforcement Agency
LEL Lowest Effect Level
LEOP Local Emergency Operations Plan
LEPC Local Emergency Planning Committee
LEPD Legal Enforcement Policy Division
Leq equivalent sound level
Leq(h) one-hour equivalent sound level
LERC Local Emergency Response Committee
LGH Local Government Handbook
LHMA Labeling of Hazardous Materials Act
LIDAR Light Detection and Ranging
LIFO Last In / First Out
LMR Labor Management Relations
LNG Liquefied Natural Gas
LOAEL Lowest Observed Adverse Effect Level
LOC Library of Congress
LOEL Lowest Observed Effect Level
LP Local Primary
LPG Liquefied Petroleum Gas
LRO Labor Relations Officier
LTSD Long Term Services Division (DOH)
LUR Land Use Ratio
LWCF Land and Water Conservation Fund
LWOP Leave without Pay
LZ Landing Zone
MCF thousand cubic feet
MCFD thousand cubic feet per day
mg/L milligrams per liter
MGD Millions of Gallons per Day
MHC Midway Hose Company (aka Midway Fire Dept)
MI Medical Investigator
MMCFD million cubic feet per day
MOU Memorandum Of Understanding
mph miles per hour
MS manual section
MSA Management Situation Analysis
MSA Metropolitan Statistical Area (see also CMSA, PMSA, SMSA)
MSCA Military Support to Civil Authorities
MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet
MT Morphology Technician
MTD Motor Transportation Division
NAGPRA Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act
NAHB National Association of Home Builders
NAHRO National Association of Housing & Redevelopment Officials
NARC National Association of Regional Councils
NAWAS National Warning System
NCP National Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency Plan
NDA National Defense Area
NDMS National Disaster Medical System
NEPA National Environmental Policy Act
NFA National Fire Academy
NFIP National Flood Insurance Program
NFPA National Fire Protection Association
NGO Nongovernmental Organization
NHPA National Historic Preservation Act
NHS National Highway System
NIA Notice of Intent to Abandon
NIABY Not in Anyone's Back Yard
NIIMS National Interagency Incident Mgmt. Systems
NIMBY Not in My Back Yard
NIMTOO Not in My Term of Office
NMANG NM Air Force National Guard
NMARNG NM Army National Guard
NMBMMR NM Bur. Of Minerals and Mines Resources
NMCDNM Corrections Department
NMCRIS New Mexico Cultural Resource Information System
NMDANM Department of Agriculture
NMDGF New Mexico Department of Game and Fish
NMED New Mexico Environment Department
NMIMT New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (New Mexico Tech)
NMLBNM Livestock Board
NMLETS New Mexico Law Enforcement Telecommunications System
NMNG NM National Guard
NMOGD New Mexico Oil and Gas Division
NMPM New Mexico Prime Meridian
NMSA NM Statutes, Annotated
NMSHTD NM State Highway & Transportation Department
NMSP NM State Police
NMSU New Mexico State University
NMT New Mexico Tech (NMIMT)
NMTSD New Mexico Traffic Safety Department
NMVOAD NM Volunteer Organizations Active in Disasters
NMWQCC New Mexico Water Quality Control Commission
NO nitrogen oxide(s)
NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NOI Notice of Intent
NOS Notice of Staking
NPDES National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System
NPS National Park Service
NRC Nuclear Regulatory Commission; National Response Center
NRCS National Radio Communication Service
NRCS Natural Resource Conservation Service
NRI Natural Resources Inventory
NRT National Response Team
NSO no surface occupancy
NTHP National Trust for Historic Preservation
NTL Notice to Lessees
NUREG Nuclear Regulation
NWC National Warning Center
NWS National Weather Service
OC Office of Communications
OCA Office of Cultural Affairs
OEM Office of Emergency Management
OGC Office of General Counsel (DOH)
OHV off-highway vehicle
OMI Office of the Medical Investigator
OMIEM Office of the Medical Investigator, Emergency Manager
ONRT Office of Natural Resource Trustee
OPA Oil Pollution Act
ORV off-road vehicle
ORV Off-Road Vehicle
OSE Office of State Engineer
OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration/Act
PA Public Address
PAC primary activity centers
PAZ Protective Action Zone
PCS Personal Communication Services
PD Public Domain
PD Police Department
PDA Preliminary Damage Assessment, Personal Digital Assistant
PEL Permissible Exposure Limit
PHD Public Health Division (DOH)
PHS Public Health Services
PILT payment in-lieu of taxes
PIO Public Information Officer
PL Public Law
PL Private Line (tone squelch)
PLO Public Land Order
PM particulate matter of 10 microns or less
PMSA Primary Metropolitan Statistical Area
POC Points of Contact
POP Performance-Oriented Packaging
PPB Parts Per Billion
PPE Personal Protective Equipment
PPM parts per million
PRC Public Regulatory Commission
PSD Prevention of Significant Deterioration
PVC polyvinyl chloride
PWS Public Water Supply
R&PP Recreation and Public Purpose
RACES Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service
RADEF Radiological Defense
RAP Radiological Assistance Program
RCB Radio Communications Bureau
RCRA Resource Conservation and Recovery Act
REACT Radio Emergency Associated Communications Teams
REP Radiological Emergency Preparedness Program
RETCO Regional Emergency Transportation Coordinator
RFD reasonable foreseeable development
RFP Requests for Proposals
RFQ Requests for Qualifications
RFRA Religious Freedom Restoration Act
RIM&C Radiological Instrumentation Maintenance & Calibration
RLD Regulations & Licensing Department
RMP Resource Management Plan
RMPA Resource Management Plan Amendment
ROC Regional Operations Center
ROD Record of Decision
ROS Recreation Opportunity Spectrum
ROW Right of Way
RPP Radiological Protection Program
RQ Reportable Quantity
RV Recreational Vehicle
SAFD San Antonio Fire District
SAME Specific Area Message Encoder
SAR Search And Rescue
SARA Socorro Amateur Radio Association
SARA Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act (SARA Title III)
SARDA State & Regional disaster Airlift
SAT Situation Analysis Team
SAVFD San Antonio Volunteer Fire Department
SBA Small Business Administration
SCC State Corporation Commission
SCEPA State Civil Emergency Preparedness Act
SCM Survivable Crisis Management
SCO State Coordinating Officer
SCO State Coordinating Officer
SCPEA Standard City Planning Enabling Act
SDE State Department of Education
SEMA State Emergency Management Agency
SEO State Engineer‚s Office
SEOP State Emergency Operations Plan
SEPA State Environmental Protection (or Policy) Act
SEPC SEPC State Emergency Planning Committee
SEQA State Environmental Quality Act
SERC State Emergency Response Commission
SF Single Family
SFD Single-Family Dwelling
SFHA Special Flood Hazard Area
SHMO State Hazard Mitigation Officer
SHPO State Historic Preservation Office
SHS standard habitat site
SHTD State Highway & Transportation Dept.
SIC Standard Industrial Classification/Code
SIG Street Index Guide
SITREP Situation Report
SLAPP Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation
SLD Scientific Laboratory Division (DOH)
SLG State and Local Guide
SLTC standard lease terms and conditions
SMSA Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area
SO Sheriff's Office
SO sulfur oxide
SO2 sulfur dioxide
SOG Standard Operating Guidance
SOP Standard Operating Procedure
SP State Police
SPCA Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
SPCC spill prevention, control, and countermeasure
SPO State Personnel Office
SPT Surface Transportation Program
SR State Route
SRCA State Records Center & Archives
SS special status, special status species

STATSGO State Soil Geographic (Database)
STPP Surface Transportation Policy Project
SUPO Surface Use Plan of Operation
SWP3 Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan
SZEA Standard (State) Zoning Enabling Act
T&E threatened and endangered
TAGNM The Adjutant General of NM
TDS Total Dissolved Solids
TESD Technical Emergency Support Division
TIN Triangulated Irregular Network (GIS term)
TL timing limitation
TPY Tons Per Year
TRD Taxation and Revenue Department
TRESCO Tri-County handicapped agency (Tres Condadas)
TRI Toxics Release Inventory
TRO Trip Reduction Ordinance
TSCA Toxic Substances Control Act
TSP total suspended particulates
TWA Time Weighted Average
UBC Uniform Building Codes
UH University Hospital ñ UNM
UHF Ultra-High Frequency
UIC underground injection control
UL Underwriter's Laboratories
UNM University of New Mexico
USAR US Army Reserve
USDA US Department of Agriculture
USDI US Department of the Interior
USFS US Forest Service
USFWS US Fish and Wildlife Service
USFWS US Fish and Wildlife Service
USGS US Geological Survey
USGS US Geological Survey
USPLS US Public Land Survey
UTM Universal Transverse Mercator Grid
VA Veterans Administration
VHF Very High Frequency
VMT vehicle miles traveled
VOAD Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster
VOC Volatile Organic Compound
VRM Visual Resource Management
WHPA Wellhead Protection Area
WIPP Waste Isolation Pilot Project
WMD Watershed Management Program
WQA New Mexico Water Quality Act
WQMP Water Quality Management Plan
WSA Wilderness Study Area
WSMR White Sands Missile Range