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Firewise Program

Firewise is a nationally recognized program that shows homeowners what they can do to increase their chances of surviving a wildfire. 
The Socorro County Fire Marshal's office will be working with individuals and communities to help them make their homes Firewise.

Being Firewise

Firewise is a nationally recognized program that helps communities and:
  • Creates defensible space that prevents fires from advancing and endangering home and lives.
  • Improves property value while reducing risk of loss.
  • Improves community relationships with local fire staff, since firefighters can concentrate their efforts on fighting wildfires rather than devoting often limited resources to protecting homes- which may ultimately be lost if the fire can’t be contained.
  • Encourages good neighbors, since the more homes within a community that adopt “Firewise” practices, the greater the impact on reducing the heat and spread of fire.
  • Offers peace of mind, knowing that your home is prepared to survive a wildfire in the event one should occur.
When a wildfire is approaching, firefighters have no choice but to drive right past homes that cannot be saved, and put their resources into defending homes that can be saved.

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198 Neel Avenue
Socorro NM 87801

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