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Job Descriptions

As a member of the Socorro County team, you will have the opportunity to serve your community in an environment that promotes responsibility, accountability, transparency and team work. 

Applications are only accepted for positions that have been opened and must be submitted online (click on "Employment Application Form" to apply)

Socorro County is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


posted Nov 30, 2020, 8:57 AM by Debra Williams-Baker

Job Title:          Secretary/Receptionist                                                                Job Code:             135

Division:          Administration                                                                             Effective Date:     04/15

Department:     Executive                                                                                   Last Revised:       




Performs a variety of full performance complex secretarial duties designed to expedite administrative and executive functions of the office of the County Manager and Board of Commissioners. 




Works under the close to general supervision of the County Manager.








1.        Prepares and drafts general correspondence, reports, and materials for publications and presentations; prepares and composes formal correspondence; takes dictation for a variety of types of communications; operates electronic recording equipment, transcribes recordings; prepares notes and composes letters, memos, and other communications of general, personal, or confidential nature; proof-reads and prepares documents for executive signature; creates flow charts and timelines for projects handled by the Manager and the Board of Commissioners.


2.        Maintains County Manager’s calendar; assists with the setup and coordination of meetings and conferences. Receipts funds for services within the County Manager’s office.


3.        Answers telephones and handles in appropriate manner; meets and greets clients and visitors; performs general clerical duties to include but not limited to: photocopying, scanning, archiving, faxing, mailing, and filing; maintain hard copy and electronic filing system.


4.        Performs general clerical, receptionist and project based work; coordinates project-based work with other administrative and executive support personnel; signs for UPS/Fed Ex/Airborne packages; may assist to process incoming mail and prepare outgoing mail; serves on an interim basis as a back up to other departments as assigned by the County Manager. 


5.         Performs other related duties as required.




1.                    Education and Experience:


A.                   Graduation from high school, plus, one (1) year of specialized training in general office practices and procedures, PC operation and various software applications;


B.             Three (3) years of responsible experience related to above duties;


C.            An equivalent combination of education or experience.


2.             Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:


Considerable knowledge of reading, writing, and arithmetic skills; business principles, administrative, and clerical procedures; Microsoft Office and telephone protocol; general office maintenance and practices; filing systems (alpha and numeric), recording and filing procedures and methodologies; letter composition, grammar, spelling and punctuation; spreadsheets, word processing, and database management; operation of standard office equipment; basic mathematics; basic accounting or bookkeeping; interpersonal communication skills and telephone etiquette; basic public relations.

Secretary/Receptionist, page 2


Skill in professional verbal and written communication; the use and operation of various office machines, i.e., fax, copy machine, scanners, postage machine, computer, telephone, shredder, binding machine, etc.


Ability to give attention to detail; project a professional image through in-person and phone interaction; effectively interact with high-level contacts and professionally deal with exposure to sensitive information necessitating considerable use of tact, diplomacy, discretion and judgment; communicate effectively, verbally and in writing; work independently in meeting various time deadlines and work pressures; effectively deal with stress caused by strict deadlines and work volume; exercise initiative, independent judgment and to act resourcefully under varying conditions; maintain strict confidentiality related to sensitive administrative and executive information; perform basic mathematical calculations; operate personal computer (windows) in utilizing various programs (MS Word, Excel, Page Maker, Power Point, etc.) to produce or compose formal documents, reports and records; establish and maintain comprehensive records and files; operate standard office equipment; develop effective working relationships with supervisors, fellow employees, and the public.


3.             Special Qualifications:


Must pass FEMA/NIMS and ICS courses as required for the position, within a time frame designated by administration.

Type 60 WPM.

                Basic computer knowledge.


4.             Work Environment:


Incumbent of the position performs in a typical office setting with appropriate climate controls.  Tasks require variety of physical activities, not generally involving muscular strain, but do require frequent walking, standing, stooping, sitting, reaching and occasional lifting. Talking, hearing and seeing are essential physical capabilities of the position.   Common eye, hand, finger dexterity required for many tasks.  Mental application utilizes memory for details, verbal instructions, emotional stability and discriminating thinking.

Quality Assurance Provider

posted Nov 16, 2020, 10:09 AM by Debra Williams-Baker

Socorro County

Job Description


Job Title:          Quality Assurance Provider                                                          Job Code:              240A

Division:          Operations                                                                                  Effective Date:     11/20

Department:     Senior Services                                                                           Last Revised:       



The Quality Assurance Manager is responsible for establishing procedures and quality standards and to monitor against agreed upon targets.  The individual will provide management technical support for development and implementation including compliance, contract activities, various federal, state and local regulations and Agency policy requirements in relation to the NCNMEDD Area Agency on Aging program. 




Percent of total

Establish procedures and quality standards


Assessments, technical assistance, program and policy compliance with designated providers/vendors


Assist with short and long term planning




·         Determine along with the Director in-house quality procedures, standards and specifications and facilitate proactive solutions

·         Assessing contractual requirements and ensuring that these are met by organization and subcontractors

·         Review Non-Metro AAA policies and procedures to determine compliance with state and federal guidelines and make recommendations to management

·         Maintain and improve systematic procedures by completing system, compliance, and surveillance audits, investigating concerns/complaints and collaborating with other staff to develop new methods.

Other duties as assigned or necessary to meet the goals and objectives of NCNMEDD.

·         Gather data from contractors, public meetings and interested parties to provide input regarding Non-Metro AAA’s Area Plan

·         Review and monitor program area plans to ensure compliance




·         High school graduate, plus two years office experience, and working knowledge of all Microsoft programs.

·         Demonstrated understanding and application of applicable federal, state, and local regulations and policies.

·         Demonstrated understanding and application of program planning, concepts, principles and practices.

·         Demonstrated ability to design corrective action plans, assist in attainment of goals, and to identify problem areas

·         Requires strong coordination to develop and provide assistance that is applicable and accessible to the service provider needs




·         Good managerial and supervisory skills.

·         Demonstrated ability to make good sound judgment decisions.

·         Knowledge of problem-solving techniques and ability to make good, sound judgment decisions

·         Ability to establish priorities and to assess and prioritize multiple tasks, projects and demands

·         Ability to develop and maintain positive/effective working relationships with staff, contractors, members and public/private organizations.

·         Experience with budgeting principles and practices and ability to analyze financial information

·         Ability to accurately interpret, analyze, summarize and compile data

·         Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

·         Ability to work and perform in conflict/crisis environments

·         Knowledge of program planning concepts, principles, and practices

·         Demonstrate behavior that maintains the organization credibility, integrity, and positive image in the community

·         Ability to design corrective action for solution to problem to measure effectiveness, attainment of goals and identify problem areas.

·         Experience in development of programs.

·         Possess working knowledge of computer applications, including work processing and financial management systems.




This position does not supervise staff.



This position requires basic physical demands for working in an office environment including, sitting for long periods, using computers and other typical office equipment, driving a car/van, carrying documents, and walking.



Standard training for all employees will be applied to this position as well as any training deemed beneficial by management in the future.



This position requires the use of discretion and independent judgment with respect to matters of significance for the department as well as typical decision-making responsibilities required in a day-to-day office working environment.



The County and Senior Citizen Centers have a direct and vital impact on the quality of life for those we serve.  Accordingly, the services we provide require honesty, impartiality, and fairness, and must be dedicated to the protection and promotion of the public health, safety, and welfare.  As an employee and representative of the Socorro County Senior Citizens Centers and all personnel are required to exhibit and practice the highest standard of honesty and integrity and must perform under a standard of professional behavior that requires adherence to the highest principles of ethical conduct in all aspects of the position.



Reports to the Senior Center Director and interacts with employees and contractors, New Mexico State agencies staff, state and local elected officials, the public, senior center staff, seniors and private and/or corporate entities.



Typical office equipment will be used such as computers, calculators, phones, copier/printers, projectors, and cars/vans.



This position will work in a standard, smoke-free, indoor office environment with other staff in the Socorro office.



The senior Citizen Centers program has a direct and vital impact on the quality of life for those we serve.  Accordingly, the services we provide require honesty, impartiality, and fairness, and must be dedicated to the protection and promotion of the public health, safety, and welfare.  As an employee and representative of the Senior Citizens program, all personnel are required to exhibit and practice the highest standard of honesty and integrity and must perform under a standard of professional behavior that requires adherence to the highest principles of ethical conduct in all aspects of the position.

Economic Development and Grants Writer

posted Sep 10, 2020, 2:37 PM by Debra Williams-Baker   [ updated Sep 10, 2020, 2:52 PM ]

Economic Development and Grants Writer


The County of Socorro is issuing a call to Economic Development Professionals to seek a highly competent and skilled professional to provide professional level assistance to county management in the creation of economic development strategies, research, and implementation of efforts to attract, retain, and grow business and industry in Socorro County.  Consultant for businesses and project developments, provide assistance and consulting services to: finance projects with government issued industrial revenue bonds, taxable and tax-exempt revenue bonds including the coordination with investment banking facilities, underwriters, insurers, investors, municipalities and government entities; and access government financial resources other than operational budgets including community development block grants. Assists in supporting the county’s economic development program and redevelopment activities, including efforts focused on the retention and expansion of existing businesses and efforts to bring in specific targeted businesses to the county.

Interested Economic Development Professional must be able to provide a resume’ detailing:

·        Effectively initiate, formulate design, coordinate, market, implement and monitor various economic development projects; analyze and identify opportunities for additional growth; develop and actively implement economic development strategies; and serve as advisor to staff, business groups, property/business owners and developers.

·        Assist in the development and preparation of the economic development budget.

·        Research, draft, recommend, implement and measure economic development methodologies and report out on using quality tools and systems.

·        Research and provide real-time updates to the supervisor on State and local economic development legislative initiatives.

·        Organize and create various presentation materials which effectively communicate economic development information for the business community, news media and/or public presentations.

·        Analyze and evaluate economic development issues to develop programs and services to meet strategic goals; determine economic development potential and develop and coordinate plans and programs for the acquisition and retention of industry and business in the community.

·        Analyze and interpret business development issues, evaluating alternatives to make logical recommendations based on findings.



EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYMENT: All qualified Economic Development will receive consideration of contract(s) without regard to race, color, religion, sex or national origin.  Questions regarding this request can be made by contacting the Human Resources, Debbie Williams-Baker at 210 Park Street, Socorro, NM 87801, by telephone at (575) 835-0589 or by email at

GIS System Manager

posted Jun 15, 2020, 7:31 AM by Debra Williams-Baker

Socorro County

Job Description


Job Title:          GIS System Manager                                                                  Job Code:             820

Division:          Mapping                                                                                     Effective Date:     04/15

Department:     Emergency Services/Assessor                                                   Last Revised:       




Performs a variety of administrative and technical duties in the development, implementation and coordination of the county’s GIS management system; assists the county’s disaster recovery efforts..




Works under the general guidance and direction of the Emergency Services Administrator.




Provides close to general supervision to GIS Mappers and Assessor Clerk.




1.       Develops and maintains departmental records; assists with training and professional development for emergency response; prepares reports and correspondence; attends meetings and conferences.


2.        Supervises employees by orienting, scheduling, training, assigning and reviewing work performance, helps completing performance evaluations, and taking disciplinary action.


3.       Establishes a secure usable database; oversees the development of parcels maps; coordinates with assessor to ensure maps reflect current and correct parcel information; coordinates with PSAP for data interoperability and accuracy.


4.       Evaluates road centerline layer for correctness in ranges and parity issues for 911 Nextgen; program manager for the County Alert System; establishes system standards for EO-Base maps and data.


5.       Provides physical addresses to County residents for the purposes of 911 Emergency Services; helps create and maintain addressing for postal services, utility, and delivery services; creates maps for maintaining addressing for road accuracy; identifies land ownership, possible land divisions, and location of driveways.


6.       Assist land owners with road naming process and provides documentation to commission for road name approval.


7.       Works with state, county, rural addressing personnel and other representatives to discuss rural addressing tasks, guidelines, standards, and  implementation; posts and provides GPS addresses in the field; completes necessary paperwork involved in issuing an address, notification of land owners; develops rural addressing standards and guidelines for the County.


8.       Performs a variety of technically detailed duties involving the correlation and maintenance of computer files in the 911, Emergency Service Listing and Emergency Communications database systems; verifies and updates the geographic base file by interpreting boundary and traffic maps, annexations, new subdivisions, street atlas maps, etc.; edits and updates the Master Street Address Guide by changing existing addresses, new construction, etc.


9.       Performs other related duties as required.




1.             Education and Experience:


A.     Two (2) years of college training or associate degree related to GIS systems, mapping and engineering practices or computer technologies;


B.    Four (4) years of related experience; One (1) year of which must have been in a supervisory capacity and directly related to GIS operations;


C.    An equivalent combination of education and experience.


GIS System Manager, page 2

2.             Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:


Considerable knowledge of complex math and computer aided engineering; technical tools and equipment associated with drafting and cartography; mapping scales and their most appropriate use; basic civil engineering practices and procedures; survey practices and procedures; legal documents and terminology; computerized mapping software and methods (ESRI, AUTOCAD, ARCView, ARCMAP, ARCGIS, Windows, etc.); various geographic databases, including State of New Mexico, USGS digital line graphics, surveying practices including GPS point retrieval, State Plane Coordinate Systems (NAD 27 and NAD 83), GLO map interpretation and Area Reference Plan (ARP) interpretation; quality assurance and control methods; county geography.


Skill in the operation of motorized vehicles and equipment. Skill in the use of personal computers, laptop, GPS equipment, scales, plotters, printers, scanners, projectors, protractors, and related technical equipment.


Ability to deal with various levels of stress associated with the need for accuracy with legal and financial implications; perform complex computer mapping and mapping evaluation; read and understand legal documents; perform complex mathematical computations; operate calculators and standard office equipment; work independently; communicate effectively, verbally and in writing; develop effective working relationships with supervisors, fellow employees, and the public.


3.             Special Qualifications:


May be required to become certified in the use of field GPS equipment. 

Must possess a valid New Mexico Driver’s License and undergo periodic State DMV license status verification and be insurable under Socorro County insurance.  Must pass FEMA/NIMS and ICS courses as required for the position, within a time frame designated by administration.



4.             Work Environment:


Incumbent in the position performs both in a typical office setting with appropriate climate controls and in an outdoor setting on a project-by-project basis.  Tasks require occasional physical activities, and some muscular strain, related to walking, standing, stooping, sitting, reaching, talking, climbing and lifting. Hearing, seeing and verbally communicating are essential to the effective performance of required duties.  Rapid work speed required performing keyboard operations.  Common eye, hand, finger, leg and foot dexterity exist.  Mental application utilizes memory for details, verbal instructions, emotional stability and discriminating thinking. Frequent local travel required in course of performing portions of job functions. 

Detention Officer I

posted Aug 2, 2019, 8:07 AM by Debra Williams-Baker

Socorro County

Job Description


Job Title:          Detention Officer I                                                                       Job Code:             721

Division:          Operations                                                                                 Effective Date:     04/15

Department:     Detention                                                                                    Last Revised:       




Performs a variety of entry level law enforcement duties related to the security, safety, order, operation and maintenance of county jail facilities, including incarceration and detention of prisoners.




Works under the close to general supervision of the Corrections Captain, Sergeant or Detention Administrator.








1.        Corrections: Receives ongoing on-the-job training; attends academy training sessions receiving instruction in the duties, responsibilities, liabilities and physical environment associated with the correction officer functions; assists with processing of inmate grievances.


2.        Supervises inmates in county jail in accordance with established policies, regulations and procedures while assuming responsibility for all needs (physical, medical, etc.) of the prisoners during detention; issues medications as prescribed by physicians.


3.        Performs various tasks associated with inmate admissions; books prisoners; reviews offense status and classification (violent, non-violent, etc.) to determine appropriate level of security and confinement; performs releases and required by court order; conducts strip searches.


4.        Observes conduct and behavior of inmates to prevent disturbances and escapes; searches inmates and cells for contraband articles; patrols assigned areas for evidence of forbidden activities, infractions of rules and unsatisfactory attitudes or adjustment of prisoners, and reports observations to supervisor; performs inmate supervision during recreation and meal periods.


5.        Inspects locks, grills, doors and gates for tampering; conducts cell “shake-downs” and inspections; employs various forms of discipline as needed to maintain order among prisoners, if necessary.


6.        Supervises prisoners in transit between jail, courtroom, prisons, work details, or other points, traveling by automobile or public transportation as required; locks prisoner(s) in cell after searching for weapons, valuables or drugs.


7.        Secures all valuables and/or belongings and follows standard procedures designated for the disposing or maintaining of the same; orders and serves meals to prisoners and provides or obtains medical aid if needed; administers medication as prescribed by doctor.


8.        Prepares arrest records including reports, bookings, releases, fingerprinting and mug shot photography (identifying the prisoner and charge against him/her); assists in the maintenance of various records and information reporting materials and data base.


9.        Supervises trustees or prisoners on general work details inside and outside of jail; performs general maintenance of jail facility and environs; repairs safety and security devices; cleans and sanitizes cells; maintains inmate recreation area and equipment.


10.     May participate in extradition transports; moves inmates to and from various interstate locations.


11.     Performs other related duties as assigned.


Detention Officer I, page 2





1.             Education and Experience:


A.     Graduation from high school plus successful completion of Academy training leading to the acquisition of a Correctional Officer Certification;


B.     No experience necessary.


2.             Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:


Some knowledge of the fundamentals of proper search and seizure; federal, state and local laws and regulations related to jail activities; dispatch communication equipment; basic principles of psychology and sociology; elementary first aid techniques and procedures.


Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing; establish and maintain working relationships with inmates, the public and other departments; restrain physically violent prisoners; react quickly to various situations under conditions of stress.


3.             Special Qualifications


Must have successfully completed the Corrections Academy and be certified as a Correctional Officer.

Must work on-call 24 hours.

Must receive 40 hours annual training to maintain certification.

Must pass a background investigation.

Must possess a valid New Mexico Driver’s License and undergo periodic State DMV license status verification.

                Must pass FEMA/NIMS and ICS courses as required for the position, within a time frame designated by administration


4.             Work Environment:


                Functions of the position generally performed in a controlled environment.  Occasional travel.  Many functions of the work pose high degree of hazard uncertainty.  Physical readiness and conditioning may be a condition of job retention.  Various levels of mental application required, i.e., memory for details, emotional stability, discriminating thinking, creative problem solving.  Continuous use of motor skills. Periodic exposure to the presence of blood borne or airborne pathogens.

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