Deputy Sheriff I (CADET)

posted Mar 30, 2021, 9:36 AM by Debra Williams-Baker

Socorro County

Job Description


Job Title:          Deputy Sheriff I (CADET)                                                             Job Code:             1217

Division:          Operations                                                                                 Effective Date:     04/15

Department:     Sheriff                                                                                        Last Revised:       




Performs entry-level law enforcement duties intended to secure a safe environment for county citizens and to protect legal rights as established by federal, state, and local laws.




Works under the close supervision of the Captain, Sergeant or Deputy Sheriff, while in training or on a case-by-case basis.








1.        Patrols assigned roadways to observe traffic for violations of traffic laws and ordinances; assists stranded motorists; checks for suspicious vehicles; determines violations and makes arrests; performs in and leads search and rescue efforts.


2.        Handles personal investigations for caseload, including felonies and misdemeanors; investigates theft, burglary, rape, child abuse, homicides, auto, aircraft, and industrial accidents; conducts searches for lost, missing, or drowned persons; assists county coroner concerning death investigation and transportation of bodies; delivers death and other emergency messages; serves as backup for officers on possible violent situations.


3.        Reports to accident scenes to render first-aid to injured persons, and control traffic in the area; investigates cause of accident and prepares report on details after determining responsibility for accidents.


4.        Responds to a variety of citizen complaints such as robberies, break-ins, domestic quarrels, assaults, and vandalism; prepares initial investigation reports on scene of crime; gathers evidence and interviews victims and witnesses.


5.        Prepares arrest records including fingerprinting and mug shot photography (identifying the prisoner and charge against him/her).


6.        Serves as an agent of the court in satisfying criminal warrants and writs of execution, restitution or attachment; locates persons named in criminal warrants and executes the warrants; provides courtroom testimony as required; provides court security, performs urinalysis chain of custody for courts, family services, etc.


7.        Investigates death scenes in the County, identifies the deceased and secures the crime scene and property; investigates, photographs, examines, and writes narrative descriptions of postmortem crime scene; locates and notifies next of kin.

8.        Performs preventive teaching; may teach in class room setting and deliver instruction on safety awareness; advises neighborhood watch groups regarding processes and procedures; instructs in drug awareness program, ATV safety training, etc.


9.        Performs as a member of a special operations team (SERT); certifies in operational procedures related to special weapons and critical conditions associated with gas, explosives, hostage, and dangerous suspects; responds to search and rescue efforts.


10.     Transports prisoners and mental subjects/patients to and from courts, prison, jail and mental hospitals. Processes prisoners that are booked into jail.


11.  Court Security: Carries out specific plans or programs to ensure safety of court personnel and protection of facilities.  Provides security for courtrooms during proceedings and for court facilities, judges and staff; patrols court facilities; investigates disturbances and suspicious situations and takes appropriate action to maintain security; prepares and submits written reports of security incidents occurring within the courts; serves as civil process, evictions and subpoenas.


12.  Observes courtroom for violations of regulations such as unacceptable or inappropriate use of microphones, cameras, movie cameras, or any other device that would prove disruptive or threaten the security of court proceedings; ejects or assists with arrests individuals disturbing court proceedings; assists witnesses, litigants and public by answering questions about court procedures and scheduling but does not give legal advice or discuss merits of case on trial.


13.   Acts as the animal control officer for the County; remove deceased animal from roadway; makes the death notification; works with schools to sponsor animal adoption.



14.     Performs related duties as required.




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1.                    Education and Experience:


A.     Graduation from High School or GED certification,


B.     No experience necessary.


C.    An equivalent combination of education and experience.


2.             Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:


Some knowledge of modern law enforcement principles, procedures, techniques, and equipment; local, state, and federal laws law enforcement; basic investigation techniques and methods; county geography, road systems, and boundaries; English, grammar and technical writing skills.


Skill in the operation of motor vehicles at high speed and in dangerous situations; skill in the use of firearms; communication equipment, laptop computer, ballistic vest, non-lethal weapons, etc.


Ability to react effectively in emergency and stress situations; exhibit imagination, initiative and problem solving capability in coping with a variety of law enforcement situations; enforce laws and ordinances and procedures common to law enforcement work; perform work requiring good physical condition; communicate effectively, verbally, and in writing; establish and maintain effective working relationships with fellow employees, other agencies, supervisors and the public.


3.             Special Qualifications:


Must pass a background investigation

Must be at least 21 years of age.

Must possess a valid New Mexico Motor Vehicle License and undergo periodic State DMV license status verification.

Must work rotating shift work.

Must work on-call 24 hours.

Must complete 40 hours of training per year to maintain certification.

Must pass FEMA/NIMS and ICS courses as required for the position, within a time frame designated by administration



4.             Functions of the position generally performed in a patrol vehicle controlled environment.  Constant travel.  Many functions of the work pose high degree of hazard uncertainty.  Physical readiness and conditioning may be a condition of job retention.  Various levels of mental application required, i.e., memory for details, emotional stability, discriminating thinking, creative problem solving.  Continuous use of motor skills. Periodic exposure to the presence of blood borne or airborne pathogens.