Economic Development and Grants Writer

posted Sep 10, 2020, 2:37 PM by Debra Williams-Baker   [ updated Sep 10, 2020, 2:52 PM ]

Economic Development and Grants Writer


The County of Socorro is issuing a call to Economic Development Professionals to seek a highly competent and skilled professional to provide professional level assistance to county management in the creation of economic development strategies, research, and implementation of efforts to attract, retain, and grow business and industry in Socorro County.  Consultant for businesses and project developments, provide assistance and consulting services to: finance projects with government issued industrial revenue bonds, taxable and tax-exempt revenue bonds including the coordination with investment banking facilities, underwriters, insurers, investors, municipalities and government entities; and access government financial resources other than operational budgets including community development block grants. Assists in supporting the county’s economic development program and redevelopment activities, including efforts focused on the retention and expansion of existing businesses and efforts to bring in specific targeted businesses to the county.

Interested Economic Development Professional must be able to provide a resume’ detailing:

·        Effectively initiate, formulate design, coordinate, market, implement and monitor various economic development projects; analyze and identify opportunities for additional growth; develop and actively implement economic development strategies; and serve as advisor to staff, business groups, property/business owners and developers.

·        Assist in the development and preparation of the economic development budget.

·        Research, draft, recommend, implement and measure economic development methodologies and report out on using quality tools and systems.

·        Research and provide real-time updates to the supervisor on State and local economic development legislative initiatives.

·        Organize and create various presentation materials which effectively communicate economic development information for the business community, news media and/or public presentations.

·        Analyze and evaluate economic development issues to develop programs and services to meet strategic goals; determine economic development potential and develop and coordinate plans and programs for the acquisition and retention of industry and business in the community.

·        Analyze and interpret business development issues, evaluating alternatives to make logical recommendations based on findings.



EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYMENT: All qualified Economic Development will receive consideration of contract(s) without regard to race, color, religion, sex or national origin.  Questions regarding this request can be made by contacting the Human Resources, Debbie Williams-Baker at 210 Park Street, Socorro, NM 87801, by telephone at (575) 835-0589 or by email at