Equipment Operator I

posted Sep 21, 2021, 7:48 AM by Debra Williams-Baker

Socorro County

Job Description


Job Title:          Equipment Operator I                                                                  Job Code:            1117 

Division:          Operations                                                                                  Effective Date:     04/15

Department:     Road                                                                                          Last Revised:      




Performs entry level and semi-skilled tasks in the operations and maintenance of light and heavy duty equipment as needed to construct, maintain, or repair county roads and service systems.




Works under the close supervision of the Road Supervisor or Road Foreman.








1.        Operates trucks, dump trucks and pups, snow plow and sanders in hauling, plowing and cleaning streets and highways; repairs and replaces highway markers and road signs; operates mower to clear and maintain weed growth; controls tree growth in the right-of-ways.


2.        Performs pre-trip inspection to ensure safe operations of trucks and equipment per regulations.


3.        Operates specialized heavy equipment such as dozer, and medium equipment such as backhoe, front-end loader, water wagon, oiling truck; operates sweeper, chipper, roller, tractor, and other similar equipment in the maintenance, construction and repair of county road system; monitors flood control channels to prevent blockage, clears culverts of debris; repairs pot holes, highway shoulders, lays road cover and gravel.


4.        Operates loader to move materials into dump trucks and hoppers, set and back-fill structures and pipes to repair erosion and washouts, and dig out bad road materials.


5.        Checks and services assigned equipment; performs routine maintenance and emergency repairs; reports mechanical problems to supervisor and the shop for repair; operates a variety of hand and power tools in performing general maintenance of vehicles and equipment; may assist in the fabrication of equipment parts.


6.        Performs diverse duties as needed to assist in the operation of rock crusher; assists in the stockpiling of gravel, chips and rock utilized in building road base and surfacing.


7.        Performs other related duties as assigned.




1.                    Education and Experience:


A.             Sufficient education and training to demonstrate an aptitude or ability to perform above and related duties;


B.             One (1) years of experience in operation and maintenance of medium and heavy sized equipment;


C.            An equivalent combination of education and experience.



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2.             Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:


Limited to working knowledge of various light to heavy equipment; hazards and safety precautions related to construction and equipment operation; traffic laws, ordinances, and regulations; construction methods and procedures typical to county service systems; equipment parts and preventive maintenance for the same.


Trainee to entry level skill in the operation of heavy mechanized equipment as required by the position, i.e., Roller, Sweeper, Chipper Box, 10-Wheel Dump, Loader, Belly Dump, Track Loader, Cat/Dozer, Road Grader, Sanders, Water Truck, etc.


Ability to operate simple to complex heavy duty equipment; operate heavy equipment in various conditions; perform manual tasks for sustained periods of time; perform minor equipment maintenance and repair; follow written and verbal instructions; read and understand prints and plans; communicate effectively, verbally and in writing; ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with fellow employees, the public and supervisors.


A performance examination will be required to demonstrate the incumbent can operate the equipment needed to perform the essential functions.


3.             Special Qualifications:


Must pass FEMA/NIMS and ICS courses as required for the position, within a time frame designated by administration.

Must possess a valid New Mexico Commercial Driver’s License (CDL Class “B”) and undergo periodic State DMV license status verification.

Will be required to pass a performance test, which will consist of actual operation of construction and maintenance equipment.


4.             Work Environment:


Tasks require variety of physical activities, generally involving muscular strain, such as walking, standing, stooping, sitting, reaching, and lifting.  Aspects of the work require talking, hearing and seeing. Common eye, hand, finger, leg and foot dexterity exist.  Mental application utilizes memory for details, verbal instructions, emotional stability, discriminating thinking and some creative problem solving.  Continuous travel in automobile or heavy equipment required in job performance.



This is the first of a two-level series in the laborer job family.


Distinguishing features of this description:


This is an entry level position. At this level the incumbent receives instruction or assistance as new or unusual situations arise. This work involves steps, processes, and/or methods that require the application of established processes, policies and procedures. The incumbent exercises initiative and judgment in distinguishing amongst routine variables and identifying the applicable standards. Work is performed under direct supervision with new tasks explained in detail. As experience increases and tasks become familiar, work is performed under more general supervision.