Grants & Purchasing Clerk

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Socorro County

Job Description


Job Title:          Grants & Purchasing Clerk                                                           Job Code:              

Division:          Finance                                                                                      Effective Date:     10/23/18

Department:     Finance                                                                                      Last Revised:       




Performs a variety of technical professional and complex administrative duties related to writing, securing and coordinating the compliance of various county-managed grants.




Works under the general supervision of the Finance Director.








1.        Oversees day-to-day, county-wide, procurement and purchasing operations; evaluates ongoing effectiveness of existing procurement system to assure efficiency and effectiveness; assures compliance with state laws, rules and regulations. Determines procurement exceptions and emergency procurements

2.        Ensures completion of all accounts payable duties of the Budget & Finance Clerk

3.        Determines “sole source” vendor qualifications; negotiates with vendors, suppliers, and service providers for price breaks and volume discounts, expedited delivery dates and other needs in order to assure effective county operations.


4.        Receives and reviews purchase requisitions submitted to the finance department; reviews for accuracy and quality standards; evaluates appropriateness of quantity; examines method of pricing; determines method and procedure for soliciting quotes, such as telephone, written quote, or formal bidding; assures effective utilization of purchasing authorization system; selects vendors and suppliers; issues purchase order numbers; assures strict compliance established procurement code and determines the application with various sections in relation to specific purchases.


5.        Confers with department and division personnel regarding purchasing needs, specifications, quality, quantities, and delivery requirements of materials, services and products; may conduct coordinating meetings between division or department personnel and prospective suppliers to facilitate understanding of need and supplier capabilities; assists in the development and writing of Requests For Proposal(s).


6.        Initiates bidding procedures; responsible for purchasing, RFP creation and distribution; publishes or announces RFP’s; documents and secures received bids; manages public bid opening processes and events; documents receipt of bids; controls the integrity of bid processes and bid openings; reviews and evaluates bids for compliance with RFP’s and related specifications; documents the results of formal bid openings; may initiate and conduct negotiations with bidders to obtain a best and final offer for the county; composes acceptance or rejection letters to bidders.


7.        Assures proper use of codes and budget line item numbers; verifies proper supplier or vendors are utilized; makes recommendations related to product and supplier substitutions in order to save on cost or improve delivery.


8.        May travel to vender locations to investigate their ability to deliver the quality and quantity of products or materials in a timely fashion, build effective working relationships, and negotiate agreements or follow-up on problems related to specific orders and purchases.


9.        Provides general assistance to various departmental functions, i.e., budget development, conducting financial analysis; applying internal control guidelines and assisting various county departments


10.     Maintains county cell phones; monitors plan minutes, use and balances; coordinates replacement of cell phones; monitors billings to prevent over-charges; monitors general use for compliance with established county cell phone policies.


11.     Registers all County Vehicles, inputs vehicles into Fixed Asset FAMP system, maintains vehicle procurement and registration files, and reports active vehicles to the New Mexico Association of Counties annually.


12.     Assist in annual financial audit; create audit reports, gather documents, meet and work with auditors to understand accounts payable and procurement transactions.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

13.     Develops and oversees procurement training for department heads; trains incoming department heads on procurement policy, trains department heads and employees on the use of the Tyler system for requisitioning and reporting, trains department heads on use of the Bank of America Works P-Card system.

14.     Assists in the management of the county asset control program; participates in the development of county-wide asset management system; assures that all equipment and assets are properly identified and assigned to proper departments; assures integrity of asset accountability by performing periodic asset audits and directs the maintenance of related records as needed.


15.     In the absence of Finance Director, has authorization to perform related duties as required; Journal Entries, program reporting, and fiscal officer signatory if required by departments for fund requests.

16.     Coordinates and schedules public hearings and various meetings with grant end-users, grantors, county commission; may facilitate various meeting processes consistent with the public review and education process; may serve as a subject matter expert in relation to grant application content, goals and objectives.


17.     Monitors county secured federal and state grants for compliance with grant specifications and conditions, including reconciling and financial reporting; assures county compliance with Procurement Code; assures county receipt of disbursements of funds; develops periodic reports and reviews of program impact and progress; distributes reports to finance director, county manager, county commission, affected departments and grantor agencies as necessary; acts as project manager by tracking expenses, coordinating with contractors, architects and others with interest in grant administration and compliance.


18.     Implements the creation of financial forms for grants necessary for the day-to-day accounting of program expenditures; reviews utilization of funds to assure conformity to grant budget and authorized expenditure areas; reviews and reports impact upon county operations and grant opportunities.


19.     Operates personal computer for the development and maintenance of grant fiscal records and history; creates and maintains budget spreadsheets; prepares reimbursement requests and secures grant disbursements as needed to assure availability of funds; maintains project information as needed to verify and validate draws against grants; maintains various files and records of grant documentation.


20.     Monitors payments made to contract vendors for services provided in connection with grant funding; reviews claims for payment under the grant and assures compliance with procurement code and grantor terms and conditions as well as contract terms and conditions specified by the county; verifies that vendor performance meets quality standards and expectations of the county and the end users.


21.     Attends various administrative and county meetings and makes presentations or participates in public discussion as needed to communicate intent, purpose and opportunity related to grants and related funding opportunities.



22.     Performs other related duties as assigned.




1.             Education and Experience:

                 A. High School Diploma (associates degree in finance, accounting, public administration or similar field preferred but not required)


                B.  Four (4) years of experience in bookkeeping or accounting, grantsmanship or related field;


                C.        An equivalent combination of education and experience.


2.       Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:


Considerable knowledge of  practices and methods of bookkeeping and accounting; functions and responsibilities of the office of County Treasurer; interrelationships of the various county offices; computer operation, data entry, and professes related to the Finance Office, etc.; various practices in fund accounting as governed by GAAP, GASB, FASB, etc.; general office maintenance (i.e., record keeping, filing, indexing, etc.). 


Working knowledge of basic principles of supervision; New Mexico Taxation & Revenue laws and regulations; various purchasing processes and procedures; principles common to effective and efficient procurement activities; cost analysis procedures; market pricing and cost control methods; personal computer operation and applicable software utilized in data base management activities; group processes and communication techniques; problem solving techniques and conflict resolution; basic bookkeeping and records management;  statistical analysis methods; standard office practices and procedures;  technical writing techniques;  interpersonal communication skills.  Operation of standard office equipment; mathematics and advanced accounting; interpersonal communication skills and telephone etiquette; public relations.  Grants and special funding environment available to the county;  various federal programs receiving short or long term financial assistance;  grantsmanship and related information network; general office maintenance and practices; computer accounting applications and various software financial programs (MS Word, Excel, Power Point); operation of standard office equipment; operation of standard office equipment; must have a rudimentary working knowledge of budget management or business management in order to understand and regulate grant money usage and dissemination; interpersonal communication skills and telephone etiquette; basic public relations; excellent public speaking skills. Knowledge of FEMA program management and/or compliance is preferred but not required.


Skill in the art of cooperative problem solving; in dealing with public and public relations issues; establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with State, Federal, and other local officials, elected officials, subordinate staff, and County residents; the operation of PC Computer, calculator, fax machine, copy machine, telephone.


Ability to maintain confidentiality with regard to county fiscal operations; deal tactfully with controversial issues; perform basic mathematical functions quickly and accurately; understand financial terminology; read and understand county legal documents; operate a variety of types of office equipment as personal computer, adding machine, calculator, typewriter, etc.; communicates effectively, verbally and in writing; write clearly and legibly; operate standard office machines; perform complex record keeping functions; exercise initiative and independent judgment and to react resourcefully under varying conditions; work independently and deal effectively with stress caused by work load and time deadlines; establish and maintain effective working relationships with supervisors, managers, executives, professionals, vendors, co-workers and the general public; work independently; meet multiple deadlines; effectively multitask; schedule and effectively coordinate computer project and workload demands; understand complex computer programs; develop and implement strategic planning and provide necessary documentation to support grant requirements; utilize ingenuity and innovative techniques for preparation of funding applications; communicate effectively, verbally and in writing; perform basic mathematical calculations.  Develop effective working relationships with supervisors, fellow employees, and the public. Must be self-directed, take the initiative, and participate as a team player to effectively coordinate grant projects from inception to completion.


3.             Special Qualifications:


Must pass FEMA/NIMS and ICS courses as required for the position, within a time frame designated by administration. Preference in hiring may be given to applicants possessing Certified Purchasing Manager credentials (CPM).  Must possess State Certified Procurement Officer Designation as required by NMSA 13-1-95.2.


4.             Work Environment:


Typical office setting with typical climate controls.  Tasks require a variety of physical activities such as walking, standing, stooping, sitting, reaching, and not generally involving muscular strain.  Job functions normally require talking, hearing and seeing. Common eye, hand, finger dexterity required for most essential functions.  Mental application utilizes memory for details, verbal instructions, emotional stability, discriminating thinking and creative problem solving. Periodic travel is a requirement of the position.