Laborer I

posted Feb 13, 2020, 8:13 AM by Debra Williams-Baker

Socorro County

Job Description


Job Title:          Laborer I                                                                                 Job Code:            1121         

Division:          Operations                                                                              Effective Date:     04/15

Department:     Road                                                                                       Last Revised:          




Performs entry level heavy physical labor, routine and semi-skilled tasks as needed to assist in the completion of various road department projects.




Works under the close supervision of the foreman.








1.        Performs manual labor such as loading and unloading trucks. Performs routine and/or preventative cleaning tasks to include, buildings, roads, parking lots, and yards. Performs tasks requiring the use of a variety of hand tools and energized equipment such as picks, shovels, rakes, chain saws, jack hammers, and other medium equipment. Cleans, maintains, and stores assigned tools and equipment.


2.        Operates road equipment to load materials into dump trucks and hoppers, to repair erosion and washouts, dig out bad road material, clean drainage channels, ditches, and medians and to remove snow from road.


3.        Completes minor repairs on equipment such as repairing flats and replacing lights.


4.        Performs preventive maintenance on vehicles by changing oil and filters, greasing parts, checking and changing batteries, checking radiator and tire pressure, inspecting transmission fluids, and washing cars.


5.        Operates equipment by performing snow removal and hauling garbage, supplies, and fuel to its destinations.


6.        Works the grader for mixing materials on the platform and roadway, blades unpaved roads, pulls ditches, reshapes shoulders, and removes asphalt mats.


7.        Performs other related duties as assigned.




1.             Education and Experience:


A.             Sufficient education and training to demonstrate an aptitude or ability to perform above and related duties;



B.             One (1) year of general construction or general work experience;




C.            An equivalent combination of education and experience.


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2.             Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:


Some knowledge of various light to heavy equipment;  hazards and safety precautions related to construction and equipment operation;  traffic laws, ordinances, and regulations;  construction methods and procedures typical to county service systems;  equipment parts and preventive maintenance for the same.


Some Skill in operation of medium and heavy equipment.


Ability to operate simple to complex equipment in various conditions;  perform manual tasks for sustained periods of time;  perform minor equipment maintenance and repair;  follow written and verbal instructions;  read and understand prints and plans;  communicate effectively, verbally and in writing;  ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with fellow employees, the public and supervisors.


3.             Special Qualifications:


Must pass FEMA/NIMS and ICS courses as required for the position, within a time frame designated by administration.

Must possess a valid New Mexico Motor Vehicle License and undergo periodic State DMV license status verification.


Demonstrate the ability to operate a single-axle dump truck, small tractor, roller, loader, and mower.


4.             Work Environment:


Tasks require variety of physical activities, generally involving muscular strain, such as walking, standing, stooping, sitting, reaching, and lifting.  Talking, hearing and seeing required to safely perform essential functions.  Common eye, hand, finger, leg and foot dexterity exist.  Mental application utilizes memory for details, verbal instructions, emotional stability, discriminating thinking and some creative problem solving.  Continuous travel in automobile or heavy equipment required in job performance.