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Frequently Asked Questions

Does my trash have to be bagged?

YES. All waste must be bagged or you will be subject to a 1-punch penalty.

Can I use barrels to haul my trash?

YES, but it must be bagged. Also, the county does not accept burn barrels as hot ash has caused fires at our facilities.

Do I have to bag using the county’s 50-gallon bags?

NO. We have provided sample bags to you for an easy visual reference but you do not have to use those bags. Even if you use your own bags, all waste must be contained.

Do I have to have a punch card?

YES. Socorro County no longer maintains individual customer permit accounts and all users of our facilities, the Village of Magdalena Collection Center and the Socorro landfill must present a punch card.

Does the City of Socorro Landfill accept my punch card?

YES, for household trash. If you are a County resident, landfill staff will accept your punch card for household trash. If you wish to haul appliances, furniture, C&D materials or yard waste to the landfill, you will be subject to the City’s tipping fee schedule.

Do I have to have a card if I live in the City of Socorro or Village of Magdalena?

NO. City and Village residents already pay for landfill use through your residential pickup service. However, if you do wish to use a County Collection Center for your household trash, you may purchase a punch card for use.

Where can I buy punch cards?

You can buy cards of any value and number of punches at the Socorro County Manager’s Office located at 210 Park Street during normal business hours. Each punch is sold for $2.25.

You can buy 20-punch cards for $45 at the following locations:

·         Magdalena Senior Center

·         Veguita Senior Center

·         Socorro County Treasurer’s Office

You can also buy a 20-punch card for $50 ($45.00 + $5.00 convenience fee) at any of the following vendor locations.

·         Veguita Trading Post

·         San Antonio General Store

·         Roadrunner Travel Center in Lemitar

What are the smallest and largest values of cards I can buy?

                You can purchase a card for as little as $2.25 for one punch. There is no maximum.

Does my punch card expire?

·         No. Your card is valid until your last punch

What if I don’t have enough punches for all the trash I need to dump?

·         You must have enough punches available before an attendant will allow you to dump at the collection center. You will have to purchase an additional card or punches before entering the collection center.