Lodgers Tax Advisory Board

Pursuant to Ordinance 2011-003, the Chairman of the Board of County Commissioners subject to confirmation by the Board of County Commissioners, appoints an advisory board of five residents of the County, two of whom shall represent the lodging industry, two of whom are directly involved in tourist­ related industries, and one member at large who shall represent the general public.

The advisory board shall make recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners concerning the expenditure of the Occupancy Tax proceeds. The advisory board shall also prepare annual budgets.

Board members can be contacted through the Socorro County Manager's office.

Use of Tax Proceeds

Lodgers Tax Proceeds can be used for collecting and otherwise administering the tax, including the performance of audits required by the Lodgers' Tax Act pursuant to guidelines issued by the department of finance and administration; establishing, operating, purchasing, constructing, otherwise acquiring, reconstructing, extending, improving, equipping, furnishing or acquiring real property or any interest in real property for the site or grounds for tourist-related facilities, attractions or transportation systems of the municipality, the county in which the municipality is located or the county; the principal of and interest on any prior redemption premiums due in connection with and any other charges pertaining to revenue bonds authorized by Section 3-38-23 or 3-38-24 NMSA 1978; advertising, publicizing and promoting tourist-related attractions, facilities and events of the municipality or county and tourist facilities or attractions within the area; providing police and fire protection and sanitation service for tourist-related events, facilities and attractions located in the respective municipality or county; or any combination of the foregoing purposes or transactions stated in this section, but for no other municipal or county purpose.

Michael Hawkes

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Board Members

Lodgers Tax Advisory Board Documents & Agendas